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The back door was wide open and a group of people filed in, probably because they found that he didn’t follow Zuo Anqian, stopped and said something quickly, then turned his head and waved his hand in his direction. Jane walked past the big joy and waited for this moment for too long. These ten days can be said to be like years.

Three cars, Zuo Anqian and bodyguards, and a fulltime driver drive.
After that, Jane hesitated when she left and left the car together. She really didn’t want to leave the car together, but what else could he do if it was different?
Take it one step at a time.
The last car was a Hao car. Zuo Anqian seemed to trust Hao very much. When he went back, he took him with him, which made Jane very excited. When Hao arrived, he could give Hao the trouble of falling together. He didn’t know what to do with it, but he didn’t know that it was Hao himself. At Zuo Anqian’s request, Jane told him that he would give him Hao if he won.
He recorded this.
Three cars drove in tandem to Zuo Anqian’s private residence, but after the nth turn, Jane frowned and whispered, Has this position just passed? Circle?
Who is natural Zuo Anqian? Naturally, it is possible to follow his car and stop the car. When you follow the car on the first lap, you must never repeat it on the second lap. If you have it, you can see that Zuo Anqian is a cautious person who cherishes his life.
The car drove for more than half an hour and finally stopped. It is no stranger to A city. Some people didn’t expect Zuo Anqian’s private residence to be in the center of A city, but the area is not small at all.
The new singlefamily villa A city can be regarded as a mansion among luxury houses.
Jane felt her heart pounding when she left the car, and her eyes glanced at the whole villa from time to time. I really want to see if there is English in those windows. If there is, he will save her. If not, he will leave here immediately and go to other places to find English.
Never seen such a beautiful villa? Maybe he saw a few more eyes, and Zuo Anqian actually found the vigilance and asked him.
Is really have never seen a beautiful great grandfather new decoration? Otherwise it can’t be so new.
Section 763
Mmhmm. That’s right. Zuo Anqian seems to be in a good mood, and the car has turned around in the garden. He just walked to the gate and casually said, Let’s follow you when you’re finished. Don’t wave with such a good skill.
Hao, come in with me and take away the cat that you filial piety me. She doesn’t like it.
She doesn’t like
Jane is not left to savor Zuo Anqian’s words. Somehow even Ying Ying is a killer. She doesn’t like cats.
Is she really here?
I guess I didn’t know for sure, but I think it’s very promising. But he’d rather she wasn’t here. You know, it’s very difficult to take Ying away from this villa. He’s just swept around, and he’s already sure how strict the monitoring and prevention are here. It’s estimated that there will be Jing Luan, the smelly little guy, who can make a fuss about monitoring here. He thought of his mobile phone, but he must not ask for a chance from left Anqian. Xiang Hao is the most appropriate, but before Hao got the sweetness, he will do things for him. Otherwise, Zuo Anqian
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Chapter 116 Goufu’s Notes (171)
But he hasn’t got Zuo Anqian’s letter yet, and his every move is being watched by others in this villa.
Everything must be careful.
Late at night
It’s almost early in the morning from the casino to here.
The villa is quiet, and the lights inside and outside reflect the whole villa as unreal as a dream. Even though there are 110 thousand curiosity to open all the doors of this villa and find out where it is, he really can’t on the first night
If you don’t find someone, you’ll startle him. Anyway, it’s been so many days since you haven’t found anyone, and it’s not bad for one day or two. If you let him stay here, he will find out everything in two days.
A row of bungalows in the back garden of the villa point to the first line, Where are you sleeping tonight?
Oh, good. Jane didn’t want to go to that room without anything. She was tired, so she had a good rest. Only then did she have the strength to find Ying. He found that brain cells consumed no less energy than a fight. She was in a state of tension all night, and he finally found herself tired.
I’ll come later. I don’t want him to take two steps and fall behind. Suddenly, he said that he was shocked. His mind flashed and fell together. Was it serious that he once said,’ He belongs to me tonight’?
Jane is not far away from Meng Meng, and doing that with a man is more unbearable than killing him. That is absolutely impossible. He has a headache when he hears the footsteps behind him.
Suddenly, I thought that Hao turned his head and swept it again. Sure enough, I saw that Hao was inadvertently trying to come over, but he knew that Hao was trying.
Coming Jane is not happy. It seems that this is not his own initiative. Someone is more active than him. How much do you like falling together?
Looking at Hao, he remembered Cheng Qingyang, the man who always liked Jiang Junyue, and also made Lan Jingyi love and hate men.
夜生活网This world has such abnormal feelings.
What did you promise me? Won’t regret it? Hao looked serious and stared at him with a pair of eyes for fear that he would really say that he regretted it, so that he looked forward to it for a night and it would be ruined. He was unwilling.
Jane has a feeling that if he says he regrets Hao, he will tear him up and cut him. Do you like him very much?
Nature Hao should have done it without thinking, otherwise he wouldn’t have tried to beg Zuo Anqian to come over tonight and get it all.
To be honest, I also think that Luoqi is a beauty embryo, but I don’t like that he is so feminine and a little more masculine to have a taste. Jane’s face suddenly changed. Xiao Li, don’t kiss and tell.
Ok, then I won’t tell you. I’ll keep it for myself.
You’re small … Hao punched Jane away from the other door.
Jane is not from the side to avoid directly evaded the hao what’s your attitude? Do you believe I’m messing with you tonight?
Hao paused and immediately responded, Are you agreeing?
Sort of. You have to find a room for me when you go in, or someone will find out that I’m in the room. Even if you turn on the light, he will find that you can still eat well without me?
Okay, you go to my room first. Hao pointed to one of the rooms. The door is unlocked. Go ahead.
Wait, I still have conditions. Jane has been waiting for this moment for a long time, and she can’t miss anything.
Hao’s face sank. Xiao Li, don’t do that. I can’t do that. It’s boring to play.
Just give me my phone back.
Hao suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out to be this deal. Let’s go back to our houses.
No, I want it now.

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Brother Ha Chu, don’t worry. You will pass an ordinary exam in half a year’s time. I have already agreed with the elder that you will come to my group then. I sincerely said.

Chu Yifeng thought about it before he decided to become a rank patrol. Although he can’t go out now, he can still practice and hold the idea of coming safely. Chu Yifeng can also accept it calmly.
While two people were talking, a man suddenly passed behind them and said, I can find you here.
Ying truss and Chu Yifeng see a man dressed in standard armor at the same time. They are looking at two people with a smile behind them.
Du Ge also has a smile on his face.
This is Chu Yifeng, isn’t it? Du Ge turned to Chu Yifeng.
And Chu Yifeng is also looking at Du Ge’s short stature, but he is very energetic, heavyeyed, straighttongued and broadmouthed, with a face of heroic spirit like a peerless sword.
It is he who is my little brother Chu Yifeng. How do you know?
Ah, the elder told me that the Chu Yifeng brothers asked him to follow me first when they made this trip. Du Ge spoke quickly and some firmly.
That’s great. I’m relieved to have you to take care of the Chu brothers. Yun Truss obviously believes in Du Ge very much.
However, Yun Truss didn’t know that Sun Zhong spoke to Du Ge, and Du Ge also looked at Chu Yifeng. He didn’t know what elder wanted him to keep an eye on Chu Yifeng’s every move.

63 Fourway Fivemine Wall
Rank patrol is not a day or two, and it also has a fairly complete system. To become a rank patrol, we must start from a new person. What a new person should do first is to make it.
Cheng Shi can’t leave Central Ancheng, which is known as the foundation of cultivation and the ability to investigate. But Chu Yifeng still thought of one thing, that is, he believed that Chu Yifeng felt that it was very simple to make a rank patrol. For thousands of years, there will be people who want to achieve their goals by making a rank patrol. The purpose is to investigate not only the ability, but also whether there are hidden secrets.
After the mission, we will join a team. These team leaders are all tested people. They will examine the ability of new people at any time. In front of Chu Yifeng, Du Ge is a team leader. From the truss, I know 养生会所 that Du Ge is his good friend, and it is also a distraction period. However, Du Ge is rarely a master in the field of repairing the truth from Wu to Dao, and those who repair the truth from Wu to Dao attack.
Chu Yifeng bid farewell to Ying Truss and followed Du Ge out of the Tongtian Building, bypassed the Tongtian Building and turned a big circle before coming to a similar barracks.
Rows and rows of houses have a very large area, and they are all occupied by rank patrol envoys.
When they got to the gate of the camp, they were stopped to guard Du Ge, who obviously knew them and greeted each other, but Du Ge showed his token first.
Chu Yifeng followed suit and took out his token to show that one.
Hey, don’t put it away. The program isn’t finished yet? Said the guard.
What program didn’t you see the token? Chu Yifeng is at a loss.
Du Ge said to the man, The Chu brothers just arrived and don’t quite understand.
Then Du Ge said to Chu Yifeng, Brother Chu, you have to inject the real yuan into the token or you can tell the truth from the false.
Oh, Chu Yifeng, although not white, did as the real yuan was injected into the token. When he saw the token, it was like coming back to life, and then a golden light flashed.
Well, go in. The guard ignored Chu Yifeng and was surprised to let them in. Because this is not the first time he has seen it.
Brother Du, what’s going on? Chu Yifeng is anxious to know the reason.
Didn’t you drop your blood when you got the token? Only when you have your own token will you change just now, otherwise it will be false.
What if the token was stolen by others? Or if the person who owns the token dies and someone else drops blood to confess the Lord, isn’t that also a leave of absence? Chu Yifeng thought of another possibility.
Well, you’re smart, so it’s no wonder that you’re so smart. Duge’s quick words have a fighterspecific decision. But you’re too young to guard the city. These tokens are made by the city, which can explode when there are too many people.
Ah, so advanced? Chu Yifeng marveled at much safer than the earth ID card
The layout of the camp is very simple and square, like the latitude and longitude are easy to argue. Du Ge led Chu Yifeng to a house and said, We live here, and the room over there is you.
Well, Chu Yifeng promised to go in. Now the brig of Tongtian Building is clean and clean, with a layer of dust left. It has nothing.
Are you not used to it? Behind Du Ge Chu Yifeng, he asked, Those who practice the truth take everything with them and have a place to retreat.
Yes Chu Yifeng calmly answered.
This row of rooms is full of our small group of people. You can know them when you find them. Let’s go on patrol one day. You can rest first. Said Du Ge and turned away.

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I’ll say when I arrive. This promise has moved Yi Yuan, or it doesn’t matter if I say it. I have to suffer for myself. All my brothers who are worried about him are also suffering.

The promise smiled
He thought he would wait until Yi Yuan told him the answer.
He will go to see England then.
He will tell Ying himself.
Master certainly didn’t mean to hurt Ying’s heart.
whistle stop
The key chain villa door suddenly opened.
That’s Jing Luan’s special design. She wants her to go home and drop this key chain casually. The door will open whether there is anyone or not.
Familiar with the place, she will come back for two days almost every month, and this time the interval is a little short.
Pushing open the living room door, one room is silent and invisible, and it is even more impossible to see Jane’s departure.
What Jane said about leaving the meeting turned out to be a lie.
She walked slowly towards Jane Fei leaving the bedroom. At this moment, she wanted to see him but was afraid to see him.
I want to see him because she misses him.
I’m afraid to see him because every time I see Jane without her, I can’t help blaming myself. If not, she wouldn’t be in a coma.
Mom … Jing Luan’s surprise sound behind her made her turn around. Xiao Luan the little guy rushed straight to her arms, picked up Ying’s soft body and kissed his little face. Did you miss mom?
Yes Jing Luan laughed and was very happy to rub her arms.
After kissing and hugging Ying, I asked, Is your daddy really moving? She asked this sentence very little, but she would know the answer if she had to push Jane away from the door, but she would want to know to forgive her before going in. She was so nervous at this moment.
I wish Jane could wake up so that she wouldn’t feel so guilty. That feeling is really not good at all.
Section 26
Yes, yes, I can. Jing Luanli nodded for fear that Ying wouldn’t believe it. Mom, we went to see Daddy. He must be very happy to know that you are back.
Good English is excited and looking forward to a miracle if she pushes that door open like a girl who has just fallen in love.
Is it a door or a quiet room, as before?
The man in the bed lay there quietly like a statue, and as soon as she got soft, she couldn’t walk in again.
Jane is still asleep, and she always wants him to wake up, but that’s just her every midnight dream.
He could never wake up.
Mommy and Daddy can really move, but they haven’t opened their eyes yet. If you talk to him, he will wake 桑拿 up. Daddy means you most, Jing Luan said with a little jealousy.
Being encouraged by her son, Ying stepped forward to be simple and not separated.
There are several steps from the door to the bed, but she feels so far away.
When I got to Jing Luan’s small body, I slipped and fell to the ground. I quietly turned around and left the room, leaving the whole thing to Yinghe Jane.
The little guy still believes in miracles in this world. After all, he loves his father so much.
Ying stopped bed and sat looking at the distance.
He is still the same as when she left for the first time, and he seems to have lost a little weight again.
I’ve been thin since I didn’t wake up.
English finger consciousness fell on his face. A Lang, do you hate me so much that you won’t wake up?
A Lang filming went well, but I asked for leave these days and I thought you would come back to see you.
A Lang Xiao Luan said you moved. Is that true? If you really move, let me see, give me some surprises and give me some hope.
A Lang, I never knew you were so important to me before you fell asleep, but now I finally know where you are in my heart.
A Lang, if you don’t wake up, Jing Luan will surpass the position in your heart and mine.
A word she whispered softly was accompanied by a drop of tears.

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Free and unfettered progress has reached the middle stage of robbery in the largest hundred years! You know, the progress of Du Jie’s periodic repair is the slowest, and it often takes hundreds of years to get a higher level. However, his own efforts have directly crossed the middle stage of the robbery and reached the late stage of the robbery!

This also makes people such as Stone jealous. Although they are not very good at the firstclass fairy realm now, if Zhang Tianyang can give them a copy of Xiaoyao Dan medicine, I’m afraid they are all comparable to Yiyi’s secondclass fairy!
From today on, I’m going to lead you to a path of dominating the realm of repairing the truth. Would you like to follow me? Zhang Tianyang gently coughed with a smile on his face and looked at four hundred straight brothers.
Purple Xuan lives and dies together! Xiaoyao, Shi, Wu Man, Lei Yu, Hong Jiao, and Xie Bo should kneel high at the same time.
As soon as their voice fell, their 400 brothers drank at the same time, Revitalize Zixuan!
Zhang Tianyang nodded and looked very satisfied. When the figure moved, it was empty and everyone said softly, The First World War Shushan School!
A door suddenly appeared in the direction of his finger, and the outside was the main hall of Zixuan Sect!
Free and unfettered should get up and be the first to come out from the door. Four hundred younger brothers filed out behind the crowd and set up the hall money square neatly! The momentum is amazing!
The First World War Shushan School! For all the younger brothers to be happy and repeat Zhang Tianyang’s words, I reached out and made a real effort to open a channel to protect the mountain array and fly out first!
The younger brothers have mastered the magic weapon and followed Zhang Tianyang behind them, gently commanding Hong Jiao to stay close to the gate and also leading Yiyi three girls to fly away from the Purple Xuan Sect!
And Xiaoyao and others have stopped the purple Xuanpai peak. Four 品茶 hundred people held their breath and looked at Zhang Tianyang with determination.
Zhang Tianyang also stood in half and looked back at the blood in the majestic hall that stands on the peak! Father, I will definitely realize your dream!

Chapter [17] The secret weapon of Shushan Sect!
Shanpai Jianfeng!
Tian Yuxuan walked slowly out of the hall and went south to see him. The brothers from Shushan sent their respects and saluted with great humility! Blood killing is unhurried, and he keeps a distance from him as if he were afraid of taking away his aura!
Although they seem to be walking slowly, their feet are almost a few tens of meters away and they arrive at Houfeng, the forbidden area of Shushan Sect!
That a large stone forest Maeda language Xuan paused a little and held out his hand and gently stroked the tall stone pillars and sighed, It’s like a lifetime ago in one hundred! I think it was 400 years ago when I first entered here! Now the ancestors have soared, and there are only four elders left here!
Blood and blood came forward and whispered, Yes, at that time, we were still working hard all day to cultivate high school children, but now we are too mature!
Tian language xuan light turned to look at the face with vicissitudes of life blood kill criticise at that time, we are also an adult at the age of twenty is still young? You are such a guy!
Blood kill shan shan laughed but at that time we are not children in the hearts of these elders! By the way, master, when you entered this forbidden area alone, how did you make such rapid progress in just a hundred years? It is simply a horror!
Tian Yuxuan smell speech was slightly silent for a moment, and suddenly a deep voice said, It’s not me who is making the fastest progress! But Zixuan sent Zhang Tianyang! With a look of jealousy, admiration and murder, he continued, I don’t know whether Zhang Tianyang has become a person who can compete with his ancestors in just a few hundred years. It really makes people jealous!
Blood kills without words is a face of approval. The purple Xuan Sect Zhang Tianyang is indeed the most outstanding among the younger generation. If it weren’t for him, Shushan wouldn’t surrender to the purple Xuan Sect. I believe that I will become friends with Zhang Tianyang!
I can’t help but feel sad when I think of Zhang Tianyang’s blood killing when he was just the head of the company. At that time, it was the fitting period to see for myself. But now it is two hundred years, and he has achieved the realm of Jinxian, which makes the blood killing extremely puzzling!
Boss, you said that Zhang Tianyang’s guy has cultivated into the realm of Jin Xian, but why hasn’t he soared?
Tian Yuxuan shook his head and replied in a low voice, It’s really weird. I once asked my ancestors that he didn’t know! It stands to reason that once you reach the fairy realm, you must soar! Because Genfana is such a powerful force in the field of repairing reality where we live, I’m afraid everything will collapse if he does his best!
Blood killed a confused face but didn’t continue to ask. Even Tian Yuxuan didn’t know. Even the ancestors didn’t know who else he could ask. Thinking that Zhang Tianyang’s fellow didn’t soar and still stayed, there was a flash of blood and blood, and there was such a powerful force of Yin spirit. If he came to attack the Shushan Sect, who else could resist it?
Tian Yuxuan also frowned and obviously thought about this problem. When Zhang Tianyang’s ancestors fought, they had reached the level of the secondlevel Jinxian land. The ancestors specially moved his younger brother from the celestial world to deal with him at the same time!
Even so, there is no such thing as him! Tian Yuxuan felt incredible in his heart. How on earth did this guy practice? He made such great progress!
In the morning, the stone forest was covered with a thick dew, Tian Yuxuan felt the palm of his hand cold, and suddenly he thought that Zhang Tianyang was back, and he personally led the whole Purple Xuan to attack the Shushan Sect. Should he resist it?
The two of them happened to think of each other and looked at each other in a dignified way. Tian Yuxuan said, After we met our father, we immediately called all the scattered immortals and the younger brothers in the door to guard Shushan!
Seeing blood and killing his face is still ugly. His face flashed a malicious and complete gloomy sneer. If he really dares to attack, don’t blame me! Blood kills you, order the People’s Department of Cry Valley to get ready for me, and order them to kill Zhang Tianyang at all costs in case of danger!
Cry valley? The head of the company must never make it! I, the Shushan Sect, have never exposed the power of the Cry Valley for thousands of years, but I just don’t want to fix the true boundary to reveal this secret if we call it out … There is no point in killing blood, but I can see that he is very taboo or afraid of what Tian Yuxuan said in his words!
But when he saw Tian Yuxuan’s face firm and ruthless, his heart was in vain, and the boss would not change his decision! I couldn’t help frowning and looking gloomy.
If not, listen to Tian Yuxuan’s continued saying, When the great danger of Shushan leads to the extinction crisis of Shushan, Cry Valley is the last barrier of Shushan Sect and a sharp weapon to protect Shushan Sect!
Now, the Zixuan Sect is moving in the direction of my Shushan Sect, and Zhang Tianyang is the first to fly! Tian language Xuan light sound like a thunder blood in my mind.
Zhang Tianyang is back! How did he come back? What’s all this about? What? I didn’t get the message!
A series of questions suddenly flooded into his heart. He looked at Tian Yuxuan stupefied and was tonguetied. Zhang Tianyang really … came back? Glug, swallow a mouthful of saliva!

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She pursed her lips and turned to the bathtub, picked up a towel and kept rubbing it with warm water.

When she turned her head again, she found Yu Yu sitting in the chair, almost deadpan as if nothing had happened.
Chang Huan Yan’s eyes jumped violently, and at the same time he secretly scolded himself a few words.
What a loser!
Never seen a man, have you?
Section 62
I haven’t seen it before!
She pretended to be calm and walked over. First, she lifted his right arm and helped him scrub it carefully.
Yu Yu didn’t speak again, but he always looked at her with deep eyes.
After wiping his arms and half, Chang Huanyan secretly relaxed and went back to wet the towel again, and then came back to help him wipe his legs.
Finally, her legs were wiped out, and she completely breathed a sigh of relief and said, Okay.
Yu Yu did not get up.
It was not until she washed the towel and looked back at him that Yu Yu picked up her eyebrows and said, There is still a place to wipe.
Ahem, ahem Chang Huanyan was suddenly choked by saliva and another fierce cough.
Yu Yu looked at her blushing and embarrassed appearance and couldn’t help but smile a little.
Although the smile was short, Chang Huanyan heard her blushing and staring at him from embarrassment. What are you laughing at?
Denial is fast.
However, his eyes seemed to smile and his face looked like he was teasing her.
Chang Huanyan was too angry to hold the towel tightly, and it was almost fierce to say, How can I wipe it while sitting?
Oh, Yu Yu picked an eyebrow and got up from the chair.
Chang Huanyan …
How come I haven’t seen him so obedient in the hospital?
Well, said Yu Yu.
Chang Huanyan …
Even began to urge her to come!
How can she give up in this situation?
So Chang Huan Yan threw a towel and put his hands on both sides of his black library. He almost faded it without hesitation.
Then she turned around and took the wet towel and wiped it off him.
Yu Yu’s Adam’s apple slipped suddenly when the warm towel passed him.
He’s never had such experience in his life. Let a woman do this for him without clothes 桑拿按摩 on …
I didn’t do this even when I was injured.
It’s awkward, it’s ridiculous, and it’s … it’s uncomfortable.
All kinds of complex emotions crossed from the eyes one by one, and finally the deepest ink color at the bottom of the eyes and the chaotic heartbeat.
Listen, the breathing on the top of your head is getting rougher and rougher, and your face is burning. You can keep telling yourself to think of yourself as a nurse, a nurse …
I often smile, my hands are shaking, my eyes are straight, and my brain is buzzing when I find that thing …
She felt that a piece of white blood in her brain was frozen, then she rushed and finally gathered quickly towards a certain part.
Before I could react, I suddenly felt a tingling sensation in my nose, and then …
As soon as she threw the towel over her nose, she ran to the washstand
In a daze, the charming picture vanished in an instant.
What’s the matter? His voice is so rough that he can’t speak.
Chang Huanyan didn’t say anything to answer that he had shuashua shua water.
Yu Yu stretched out his hand and grabbed the bath towel and waited until he reached the washstand, only to find that the original …
I often have a nosebleed.

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Su Yu’s lip angle suddenly evoked a beautiful smile, stopped and waved at kaushal. Qian Xun, I used to chat with Xiaoye for a while and you sit down.

Bend down to put the glass Su Yu condensate lift eyes looking at a face of indifference Li Qianxun.
Li Qianxun slightly opened his lips and his sexy thin lips opened one by one. Su Yu coagulated your words.
It’s urgent to tell you later Su Yu setting nifty blinked and straightened up.
Obviously Su Yu coagulation pickmake ambiguous tone please Li Qianxun nodded and moved his right hand to signal Su Yu coagulation to disappear from his eyes.
Su Yu Ning, like an Amnesty, quickly left the footsteps lightly and slim and disappeared into the bustling crowd.
Chen, did you also send someone to follow Su Yu coagulation Li Qianxun raised his head and sharp eagle eyes bottomless.
Muchen smirked and returned to normal with a rich expression. Yes does not explain or deny that Muchen’s beautiful peach eyes are wantonly flowing and complicated emotions spread instantly. Li Qianxun asked that he already knew.
Chen Su Yu condensate is my woman stay away from her Li Qianxun handsome face looked at this brother who grew up with himself.
I will Mu Chen smiled and looked unnatural. He stared at Su Yu’s eyes and left a red wine glass lipstick print, forcing himself not to look away. I’m sorry that too much attention to Su Yu’s condensation has caused you to worry. I’m curious about this woman, so I sent someone to follow her. You know that I have always had no resistance to new things. Now that you have exposed me, I can give up my goal and change to others.
With that, Mu Chen turned his eyes to Ye Linlin near Su Yuning not far away. Su Yuning’s friend seems to be more interesting than her. You shouldn’t mind if I tease that woman!
Don’t! Don’t touch anyone around Su Yuning. Li Qianxun narrowed his eyes and frowned dangerously. I know that you have the ability to make every woman you have been with have the illusion that you will spend the rest of your life together, but you can’t touch Su Yuning and her friends.
Listen to you Mu Chen socalled shrugged his shoulders and fell to one side. single person sofa Qianxun Since Su Yu Ning is so important to you, it’s time to warn your brother. When are you going to marry her? I will help you make suggestions! Endure the heart strange difficult to get Muchen so easy way
Li Qianxun’s eyes are deep in the pool, and Mu Chen’s words are full of coldness. I know what to do if I don’t wake up.
Well, I’m talkative. Keenly catching Li Qianxun’s instantaneous erection of the heart wall, Mu Chen knew that Li Qianxun and Su Yu Ning were not finished. At the beginning, he personally drafted the prenuptial agreement between them. He knew that unless Li Qianxun voluntarily gave up control over Su Yu Ning, Su Yu Ning’s generation could be real or real.
At that time, holding Su Yu Ning Li should bear these feelings. Mu Chen now regretted Qian Qian for thousands of times.
Chapter three hundred and fortyseven A face of retarded show love
Su Yu coagulation and kaushal shoulder to shoulder outside the steps looked at the servant busy cleaning the hall in front of a mess. Kaushal looked full of deep disgust and disgust. She touched Su Yu coagulation’s shoulder and made signal with the lips. Look at this red rose in the courtyard, isn’t it designed to pick up your pain? Don’t Chen Qinbing know that you hate red roses the most? Your fiance did a good job.
Li Qianxun? Su Yu condensate hook lips smiled casually with naked naked naked show off he always simple and rude habits, this courtyard full of red roses LingYunEr like it! Since it’s for me to see and appreciate, I’m really sorry for her.
By the way, did you say that the brain expert has arrived? Su Yu coagulation looked around the shuttle crowd whispered
That guy is more active than I am. He came to Renren.com to find you. You know that place is a master like a cloud, and he is also an alumnus of my middle school. I remember that he was still a master in our class at that time, but I didn’t expect to be a master in the brain now. I just casually told him a few words, and the buddy made a decision to help him. He said that he can remotely control you, so you can rest assured that it won’t be a bad thing. Kaushal picked his eyebrows and his big eyes shone with great brilliance.
Xiaoye, thank you so much. Su Yuning hugged kaushal and sighed. Er, suddenly I feel a little sorry for Chen Qinbing.
Don’t! I’m here to watch the show. I paid for it. You can’t let me see this! Let’s go and see if Ling Yuner is good. I just want to see her with a face of mental retardation and love. Kaushal took Su Yu’s hand and acted like a spoiled brat.
Well, we made a special trip to see the drama, Miss Ye. Let’s take a trip to Lingyun’s room. Su Yu Ning Nai patted Kaushal’s head and two people smiled at each other.
Ah, this wedding dress is pearl yarn yo … Su Yu coagulation and kaushal haven’t entered Lingyun’s room when they heard an exclamation The workmanship didn’t say that the pearl yarn is soft and elegant, but it’s also a good thing. This kind of pearl yarn belongs to a good thing.
I didn’t see that the clock was poisoned by the designer’s eyes. A bridesmaid dressed beautifully took over the conversation, which was boring at all. Ling Yuner’s ugly face.
See if the surface layer of this pearl yarn is slightly rough, and there are two dark spots here and there that seriously affect the whole wedding dress grade. Tut tut, this wedding dress can be regarded as a good wedding dress if it is graded. If it is graded, it can be counted as 75 points and the comprehensive score is 17 points. The clock designer seems to be an expert, squinting at Ling Yuner’s wedding dress.
Kaushal stood on tiptoe and reached her head into the room to see the speaker’s face. A frightened face pulled Su Yu aside. Am I dazzled? Actually see Zhong Liyuan is the wedding dress designer, but she has designed a highend custom wedding dress for many stars. Ling Yuner can invite her. Even if the wedding dress is not made by her, it is very respectable to be given such a high evaluation by her. It seems that Ling Yuner is quite hard to hit you in the face.
It’s not so good! Clock from the designer, you are a fashion wedding designer. My wedding dress can get such a high evaluation from you. Yuner is really flattered. Ling Yuner looked at the clock from Yuanyuan with a shy face.
What a pity! It’s not from a famous wedding dress. It’s just like a person. No matter how luxurious it is, it can’t be a table unless you are good enough to make people ignore your background. Zhong Liyuan added unceremoniously.
Ling Yuner’s heart drops blood. If it weren’t for the divorce between Su Yu Ning and Chen Qinbing, she would be famous as a mirror today and enjoy being chased by the media. It feels like she deliberately went on a diet for a week and became thin and flashed into this pearl gauze wedding dress.
This wedding dress is the best one she asked to make by hand. Although it is not as highend custommade, it is also bloody to let Zhong Liyuan have a high look! I finally got Mrs. Qiu, and Mrs. Qiu invited Zhong Liyuan. As a result, this woman didn’t even say that to her in public! If she hadn’t arranged for reporters to follow her, she would have cursed Zhong Liyuan!
Ling Yun’s face turned pale and deepened, and he breathed a sigh of relief so that he wouldn’t look angry.
From the mirror image, I saw Su Yu’s figure at the door. Su Yu’s face didn’t hang a mocking smile as usual. Ling Yun’s son was relieved. Su Yu’s son definitely didn’t hear what the clock had just said to her. When he turned around, Ling Yun’s lip corner evoked a false smile and got up to meet him. Yu Ning, why are you here? It’s really unfortunate that you are here to congratulate me! I’m having a good chat with Ms. Zhong Li. Why don’t I introduce you to Sister Yi Yu Ning, a famous wedding dress designer, and this is Ms. Zhong Li Yuan
Mrs. Li, I think we should have known each other long ago. Zhong Liyuan walked a few steps and raised her cold face with a very warm smile. Su Yuning shook hands. When will your wedding with Mr. Li be held? Our workshop is very eyecatching about the image of the two. I wonder if I can have the honor to do the wedding ceremony.
Zhong Liyuan’s eyes are serious and focused. Looking at Su Yu’s figure, one point is too fat and one point is too thin. Su Yu’s face is very clean and handsome, and the fireworks inspiration is unforgettable.
Su Yu condensate micro one leng, she don’t know if it is possible to wear a wedding dress in my life, but in the face of Zhong Liyuan’s eager eyes, Su Yu condensate smiled. It’s very kind of you. Why don’t we exchange a business card and have a chance to get together? And today it’s someone else’s wedding scene. Let’s make a long story short. I hope Miss Zhong Li won’t refuse.
The president of p&g Entertainment looked at the gilded business card and printed it with Zhong Liyuan, and smiled. Su Zong seems to have planned that our wedding dress customization workshop has never been combined with a film and television company. Su Zong is really good at choosing partners.
Mutually beneficial businessmen, Ms. Zhong Li’s mind workshop launched the wedding dress international, which is very sought after. We have joined forces to say that I will find a door for Miss Zhong Li, so don’t refuse me. Su Yu gazed at the light, moist, polite, modest and beautiful, and just held the initiative in words.
Chapter three hundred and forty I’m not very proud
She has been staying up late recently, which is to catch up with the development history of p&g entertainment. Every department in the company has a daily life. When she heard Zhong Liyuan’s name from Yelin’s mouth, she immediately remembered her heart. The workshop rejected Cheng Jinyuan, the former head of p&g entertainment, and threw out an olive branch. At that time, it was a big ip film system. What was it called a courtship war? Sure enough, this big ip film theater rate was bleak at the box office.
It seems that Zhong Liyuan has a good sense of operation to have the foresight to refuse that. Otherwise, not everyone will be able to go smoothly from a Chinese female designer with a family background of Su embroidery to a cuttingedge designer in China who is a fashion week show in Milan.
However, Mr. Su has to promise me that your wedding dress must be made by our mind. Maybe it is a gift for you. I think the wedding dress is a woman’s longing for love. It shows the pain of youth and the brilliance of dreams. It explains that the bride has changed from a girl to a woman. Only I can design a wedding dress that will make you move. Although I am a little scared by Zhong Liyuan’s persistence, probably all people who are related to art are paranoid! Su Yu condensate smile nodded his head.
Ling Yun’s eyes are full of hatred. Su Yu Ning and Zhong Liyuan have reached a very friendly business agreement. They agreed to have coffee together for several times with a smile. This will send Zhong Liyuan out of Ling Yun’s room.
Recording photographer Ling Yuner walked out of the door with a camera in her eyes.
It seems that someone has something to tell me lobular you also go out and wait for me! Ling Yuner and I have some private matters to settle. Su Yu’s shrewd eyes make Ling Yuner feel that his heart is blocked!
Looking at the door was revealed by Ye Linlin on behalf of Ling Yuner. Su Yuning, you are very proud! Lingyun son pinched the cup and looked at the wind with a mocking face.
I’m not very proud. I’m very proud. You deliberately showed me that you wanted me to be jealous of a happy life. My eyes were just fragile and scattered in the wind. I didn’t come to see it carefully.
Su Yu Ning glanced at her room. The wedding of Chen Qinbing and Ling Yuner was very hasty. Many things came and went, such as her dressing table. She liked to arrange the floor lamp, but the whole wall was decorated with Ling Yuner and Chen Qinbing’s wedding dress, which was a bit too deliberate and ostentatious.
Zhong Liyuan’s sarcastic remarks about her birth deeply stimulated her, as if she had abandoned that kind of selfabasement that followed her everywhere. Ling Yuner made all the effort to blunt Su Yu’s cynicism. Su Yu’s satire is that you are also divorced by Chen Qinbing! Look at your room. It belongs to me now. I married Chen Qinbing. Everything you once owned is mine!
What’s the matter with humble origins? You came from a noble family, so you were divorced by a man from a humble family and watched him marry me! Don’t worry, I will give birth to a child for Chen Qinbing. He will be the father of my child. Once we have a child, the board of directors of Su’s catering stock will face a new division, and Su’s catering will also be ours. Ling Yuner looked at Su Yuning very Japanese and looked forward to her smiling face falling apart.
Congratulations! Ling Yuner, do you have a hobby of recycling garbage? I don’t have Su Yu Ning smiles and looks at her chest with anger. Ling Yuner It’s getting late. Here, show me your ridiculous and pathetic married life. It’s better to go upstairs and show off your wedding dress. After all, you can be beaten by Zhong Liyuan. How do you say this topic should also be reported by the media?
Su Yu coagulation meaning pointed to see the eye LingYunEr wedding dress pushed the door and out.
Ling Yuner shook hands, and the glass crashed into the opposite frame with a thud. Su Yu froze in his footsteps and heard Ling Yuner scream hysterically and smile. Is this mad? There’s more to come!
Su Yuning felt that the wedding procedure was so long and interesting for the first time, and she was sleepy.
The priest read the marriage vows in the middle, which became Su Yu’s best lullaby. The eyelids blinked, and the skin and eyelids were playing the highlight of you Nong I Nong’s death. Finally, in the middle of the priest’s vows, Su Yu’s head and eyelids were completely closed.
Li Qianxun stretched out his hand to hold Su Yu’s shoulder at the right time and put her head on his shoulder. From the back, it seems that Su Yu is so sad that Li Qianxun’s shoulder seeks comfort.
Chen Qinbing holding the ring box, the tie looked at Su Yu’s sitting position and saw Su Yu’s weak posture in Li Qianxun’s arms. It seems that Su Yu’s setting is still unfinished to him. In the end, even if he has never touched her, Su Yu’s husband and wife Su Yu’s setting has been with him for three years. Even if he has a heart of stone, seeing him marry another woman will definitely hurt his heart. At the thought of this, Chen Qinbing’s selfconfidence will instantly swell up.
Next, it’s his turn to arrange the drama. If this scene is performed well, Su Yuning will definitely make a great difference to him. Even if he is disgusting, he will please Su Yuning and Li Qianxun to see where they have hidden a billion. How to divide it!
Now he wants to be humble and pretend to be a good man. Su Yu Ning’s gentle and virtuous will definitely not come out face to face to criticize his abusive child Su Yu Ning, who made a mistake in the past, and he will not tell such a scandal. Li always certainly doesn’t know that he is now half a rival in love in Li Qianxun’s eyes.
Although Li Qianxun is unsmiling, he doesn’t pay much attention to him. Now he puts his attitude so low. If the latter em group suppresses Su’s true face, he can come out. He can rightfully say that Li Qianxun is taking revenge, regardless of whether he has a hat to buckle first. Even if it is the name of the em group, Li Qianxun will not be bullied by the media along the collapse of his Su’s enterprise.
We specially added a link today. Today, Mr. Chen, the protagonist of the wedding, is very grateful to all the friends for coming. He has a few 品茶 words to say to everyone sitting here, thanking everyone for making the perfect groom. The MC received Chen Qinbing’s eyes and handed the microphone to Chen Qinbing.
Chapter three hundred and fortynine Unilateral largescale tearing
Thank you very much for blessing me and Yuner. At the same time, I also wish my exwife Su Yuning and her fiance can live happily together like Yuner and me. Chen Qinbing clutched the microphone and pointed it at the camera, full of affectionate dialogue, and never had a serious big screen. Although we parted peacefully, I still wish you a long life together.

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Those agreements were scattered all over the place, and the red ring box broke open, and the ring inside fell somewhere.

Qin Yue xin, dazed, hurriedly bent over to find.
But the ring seems to have suddenly disappeared and can’t be found anywhere.
She looked at the messy agreement on the ground and sat there, feeling a surge of gas coming from her heart.
She stretched out her hand and caught a thought of throwing two words just before Liu Chenan left, and tears fell so unwillingly.
Why! What makes Lu Chenan!
Why should she be like this! Why?
She put up with it for so long, but she didn’t resist raising her hand and caught a copy, so she tore it up directly.
The torn agreement floated everywhere as if she had been trampled by Liu Chenan.
Section 14
Qin Yue Xin finally found the ring at a position behind the wooden door, and she was stung by the reflected light of the diamond when she opened the door.
It stung her eyes with pain and tears, as if she had returned to the day when she married him. The host asked her if she would like to.
How she wanted to go back to that day and say no.
No, it doesn’t hurt so much now.
She didn’t give Qin Zhiru all those things after all. How could she give Qin Zhiru so many cheap things? She is stupid, but she is not stupid.
She donated something. I heard that the final transaction price of the ring auction was 25 million, which was bought by an unknown local tyrant.
Ye Huaying gave her something. Did she stay? No matter how she and Liu Chenan got into trouble, Mrs. Ye was really kind to her.
I gave her everything I could.
In midJuly, there was a big typhoon in the south. I heard that several coastal cities lost more than one billion yuan.
Lihua’s stock fell to the lowest level in history. I don’t know who broke the news about Liu Qihua and Ye Meifang. Liu Ran’s illegitimate son killed Liu Tingyi with a car. Besides, Liu Ran’s strong girl fucked a China student when she was studying in the United States.
Lu Qihua was voted by the board of directors and always asked Taiwan to support Lu Jietai. However, on the day of the shareholders’ meeting, Lu Chenan held 30% of the shares and Lu Jie became the decisionmaker of Lihua.
These are all from the news to see how cruel and bloody Yu Zhong is. Qin Yuexin doesn’t know or want to know.
Two weeks after Lu Qihua was squeezed out, Lu Qihua was found to have been a director of Lihua for longterm personal gain, and the amount involved was as high as 300 million.
Qin Yue Xin watched and broadcast everything until Liu Qihua was taken away, and she didn’t watch the screen.
These are long gone with her. There is no need to pay so much.
I heard from Han Shuya that Su Mantong gave birth to a daughter, Zhong Hong, who wanted to have grandchildren, but it turned out to be a granddaughter. Adding insult to Qin Yue Xin, Zhong Hong gave Su Mantong five million to raise her own children.
Zhao Yizhen Zhong Hong began to arrange blind dates with some aristocratic women. Su Mantong took five million yuan after seeing her marrying a wealthy family. I don’t know where she went.
Xu Huainan was in the stage when the research results came out, and she was almost too busy to eat. The two people didn’t see each other much.
Actually, two people are not real lovers, and they can’t see each other.
Although Han Zhen is also busy, she occasionally asks her out to dinner. Qin Yue Xin is the most idle person among them. I don’t even know what day it is today.
So when Han Zhen asked her out, she didn’t hesitate or doubt at all.
She didn’t react until she saw some decorations marked Qixi Valentine’s Day from the taxi.
She wanted to go back, but she had already arrived at the door, and before she came, she turned and left Han Zhen, and the words came in.
Qin Yue xin, raise my hand and touched the cheek, took a slight breath and went in.
The dining room is very romantic. Qin Yuexin feels that her face is hotter with every step.
When she saw Han Zhen, she was a bit brother
What’s wrong with scaring you?
He held a bunch of roses in his arms, and a big bunch was very eyecatching
Qin Yue Xin, looking at the bunch of flowers he handed me, didn’t pick them up or not.
Finally, Han Zhen said, Well, this flower is too big. Let me hold it for you first.
She barely smiled and looked around at the couples and the restaurant. In order to create an atmosphere, the lights were dim and some were not selfconscious. Brother, I
Well, don’t think too much about the delicious food here. I just prepared it for you because it happened to be Valentine’s Day.
This is a step for everyone. Qin Yue Xin smiled slightly relieved and took the menu and ordered a set meal at will.
This meal was a little uneasy, and she was afraid of rejecting people, especially Han Zhen, who were not simple friends or suitors.
She knows that Han Zhen likes her.
Han Shuya hinted so clearly that she was not stupid. How could she not know?
But so what? Not all likes will echo. She loves Lu Chenan so much, and she has not 按摩 ended up in such a tragic situation.
I know whether I love Han Zhen or Qin Yue.
If I would have liked it, I would have liked it long ago. I have to wait until now.
They have known each other for nearly seven years. Although there is no connection between them, she has never been crazy about Han Zhen.
Not before, not after.

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This feeling has not stopped since I just saw Li Fu suddenly appear.

Now she knows why Li Fu is angry. Li Fu said that she doesn’t like to see her fiancee contact with other men too much, especially Zimmer.
I was thinking about how to explain to Li Fu for a while when I heard the sound that the man had got up.
At this time, I was walking past myself, and some were cold, and I didn’t look at her side.
Finished talking so soon? She was a little surprised to see this rush with the past.
Looking at Li Fu is just a side face with ice cold. She couldn’t help skimming the pie mouth. This eccentric is freezing to death.
She wants to talk to Jiang Shier in the past, as if she had deliberately robbed her in front of her and looked at her in Lu’s language around Li Fu.
I’m really Li Fu’s fiancee, but she can shrug her shoulders when she looks at Jiang Shier’s provocative eyes.
Several people went out of the cruise ship and Li Fu didn’t say a word.
Li Fu’s car stopped at the door and Zhou Lang helped him open the door.
Seeing this, Jiang Shier stared at Lu Jin and hesitated. Some people were afraid to go because Li Fu didn’t like being too close to women. Rao was her. Jiang Shier had never been in his car when Li Fu returned to China.
Lu Jin doesn’t drive not far away. She doesn’t know that Jiang Shier dare not sit or that Li Fu mysophobia has reached an outrageous level.
She’s a little hesitant, but she’s angry. Isn’t she hitting the gun at this time …
As she hesitated, the male voice inside came out.
Lu Jin is one leng.
Seeing this, Jiang Shier’s face was happy. When she was about to take a step, she heard the man inside call Lu Jin
Sound light don’t recognize the mood is called lu jin a stiff.
Then I obediently bypassed Jiang Shier and got back to the car.
Seeing this, Jiang Shier’s little face suddenly looks ugly and turned out to be called Lu Jin!
Jiang Shier stared at Lu Jin’s car, and Zhou Lang stepped forward and said, Miss Jiang, don’t you drive away from your car?
Smell speech Jiang Shier bitten to grind and stared at the car. Lu Jin turned away after a long time.
Damn it, this Lu Jin is proud! Sooner or later, she won’t get up!
How can Lu Jin not feel Jiang Shier staring at her sight when she is driving? But she is really a koo.
Li Fu is a neat freak. What can she do? She will be grateful if Li Fu doesn’t drive her, too.
Lu Jin glanced at Li spa会所 Fu’s side. When he saw the man’s lip color was pale and his face was slightly morbid red, he remembered that his hand was also hot.
Yeah, he’s sick
I heard that I didn’t take medicine and rest well these days. How uncomfortable is it now?
She stretched out her hand and covered her forehead with the back of her hand, and then stretched out her hand toward Li Fu.
There have been some slightly cold hands on his forehead. Li Fu Zheng, the relatively cold hands have relieved some of his heat.
Liplicking and black eyes narrowed and said, What are you doing?
I’ll take your temperature, she said, frowning.
Smell speech man eyes narrowed some temperature test?
A flash of meaning in a pair of eyes is profound and inexplicable. I chew three words repeatedly in my heart, and I always feel that these three words have deep meanings.
Lu Jin naturally didn’t know what men were thinking. She frowned and said, Why don’t you take your medicine well?
The little hand went back, and the man frowned without trace.
Lu Jin took out Gu Meisai’s medicine from her bag and said, What do you think if you are sick and don’t take medicine properly?
She frowned.
Smell speech Li Fu didn’t speak and sat there with his thin lips still sipping slightly without even looking at her side.
Li Fu? Why don’t you talk? She eyebrows this uncle said ignore people will ignore people.

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Then you should be careful!

Since there is nothing for him, can I go?
Of course you can go at any time.
After two crisp slaps on the man’s slender fingers and sends out the gatekeeper, two hands immediately push the door and enter, respectfully shouting, What’s your command, master?
Take him away.
Night Xihan was anxiously waiting for her in the car, looking at the distance from time to time, silently praying that James could come back safely. Today, things were terrible. Those images in the depths of her memory made her inexplicably afraid, and those images once again plunged her into darkness, especially the way that the man looked at him just now made her uneasy.
monk, is there anyone who wants to get into trouble with Mr. James? Will they be terrorist organizations?
It’s possible … but don’t be paranoid. Mr. James will be fine. We’ll wait for him here! Mock comforted night Xihan, who was still in shock at the moment about what had just happened, and could not know the answer until James came back except waiting for what they could not do.
It’s a car sound!
Night Xihan keenly captures the restless sound in the air.
Looking up at the car in a panic-it’s James.
Did they do anything to you? A few people asked before they were excited, but they didn’t settle down until James was in good condition and worried.
I’m fine!
Really? Night city culvert trembling voice asked the in the mind still some worry.
Chapter 13 Where did you get so much money
James looked at Yexihan’s finger, gently touched Yexihan’s head and smiled. He was a little excited when he was unhappy just now. He was worried about Really!
So we can leave?
Mr James, what do these people want with you? Asked monk. What a false alarm! But fortunately it’s okay.
Nothing else is catching up. James smiled lightly and explained the sentence without saying anything more, and several people didn’t ask again.
A week later, James returned to France with his team.
Ye Xihan did not follow them out of life and returned to the original track. He lived a monotonous life of three points and one line every day, and what happened that night was gradually forgotten.
On this day, Xi Han suddenly received a message from the night mother.
Xi Han had an accident when he came home … The mother cried bitterly that night.
Mom, what’s the matter? Speak slowly. Listening to the words, the mother cried and she suddenly had a bad feeling.
Xi Han, your father had a heart attack and found that he was lying in the hospital, and his life and death were uncertain. Come back soon …
At the other end of the story, an audio-visual time bomb exploded instantly. When Xihan cried, she felt a twinge of 桑拿 pain.
How did this happen? How did this happen?
Mom, don’t worry. I’ll be right back.
The night mother looked miserable, and the whole person suddenly collapsed, haggard and restless. One word is to rack one’s heart and look at such a sad mother, Night Xihan, and feel distressed.
Xihan, what should we do? The night mother wept bitterly.
Listening to my mother’s heartbreaking cry, night Xihan felt sour.
Therefore, I strongly comforted my mother, Mom, don’t worry, no matter what happens, we can survive. The hard days before have come, and now they can.
Mom and Dad! Night city culvert throat hoarse asked.
Xi Han, your father, he … is in danger now …
Looking at the emergency room with the door closed, night Xihan was scarlet with tears and water filled her eyes.
Looking at the old mother, she needs to be strong. She won’t allow herself to fall, and her parents still have to rely on her.
Mom, my dad will be fine! Mute to comfort the mother.
Han what should we do? Your brother he …
The night mother sobbed and told the whole story at the same time.
Ye Xihan repeated his mother’s words in his mind, and he sucked again … This time, he owed the usurer 50,000 yuan. If we pay her brother back in a week, he will die.
I heard my mother crying in despair. Her heart suddenly twitched. 50,000?
How can a family like theirs get so much money?
Two hours later, the lights in the emergency room went out. Looking at the closed door, night Xihan and his mother’s heart hung tightly.
The shutter opened very quickly, and the doctor came out from the inside wearing a white medicine, with a dignified expression on his face.
Are you the patient’s family?
Doctor, I’m his daughter.
Well, the patient’s condition is temporarily stable.
Language will be night city with a heart suddenly fell to the side of the night mother’s look slightly improved, but they have not recovered yet, but once again fell into a painful situation
Chapter 14 Don’t flinch
It’s that his brain is oppressed by congestion. If he doesn’t have a second operation, he may become a vegetative state.
Need … How much does it cost?
20 thousand!
Mom … mom …
Doctor … help my mother …
Night Xi Han lost her cry and fell to the ground, and her mother’s forbearing tears wet her face like a broken bead for a moment.
In the hospital corridor, the dim lights at night spread against the wall, and tears fell down the corner of her eyes. It was so lonely and distressing that the lights hit her and projected her back.
What should she do?
Three days later, night Xihan dragged herself to walk in the hospital, looking at the bed closed and her eyes closed, and her parents’ tears could not help but wet her face.
She will get the money! Mom and dad will be fine!
Where should she find so much money? She went to all the places where she could borrow money, and she said that it was still pitiful to borrow money.

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Well, since you brothers have no opinion, we have another brother for the Green Wolf Gang. Zhao Guanghai said with a smile around him. As soon as the voice fell, many younger brothers shouted for a good seat. Although several leaders of the Green Wolf Gang disdained it, they should be polite and applaud to congratulate them.

Then came the formal ceremony of joining the gang in Feiyang, which was not difficult, that is, a respected senior in the gang read the rules of the gang and then flew towards the second brother in the gang to offer three incense sticks, and this ceremony was completed.
After the ceremony, it was naturally a big bowl of drinking and eating meat, but the protagonist couldn’t be taken special care of tonight. What’s worse, the brothers in the gang were not very angry with him, so they all wanted to pour him down on the wine table and let him join the gang, which would be a big embarrassment.
However, flying in the sky can be said to be an extreme soldier in the alcohol test. It is also a good idea to propose a toast to these people. It is a bit boring to pour white wine directly into the bowl. It is a good idea for several green wolves to help people to toast. This looks very tender.
Zhao Guanghai is a symbol. He helped the brothers with a glass of wine and left. Today belongs to Feiyang. It’s not good for a person to steal his thunder. Several Tangkou bosses also drank a bowl with Feiyang and left Feiyang. After all, Feiyang belongs to himself and is not qualified for them to accompany him.
As a result, Feiyang and Qinglang helped a group of younger brothers to fight for wine in this hall for nearly a night. There are also many arrogant characters in these younger brothers who suddenly climbed to Feiyang’s head. It was a hundred reluctant but not good to disobey the boss’s orders. They could think of ways to trip him up. Today, by drinking, they just gave him a good chance.
After taking the cup, the sky is getting brighter outside. At this time, there is no one in the whole hall. If there is a table, it will fall directly. The whole hall is full of alcohol and snoring.
When the sun shines through the glass of the guild hall, it flies with a frown, opens his eyes and rubs his head. He finds that he has fallen down a large piece of green wolves around him. When he fell down last night, he has no impression, but there are not many in the lobby of the guild hall before he fell down.
Flying up, my head still hurts faintly. I dumped my neck and pushed open the door of the hall to narrow my eyes to adapt. After a while, the sunshine outside went to the street and stopped a taxi and hurried back to Chen Yun’s residence.
The floor float in the sky took out the key and opened the door just to see Chen Yun eating breakfast at home table.
Good morning, Sister Yun Feiyang changed his shoes and got out of his suit jacket and greeted Chen Yun with a smile.
What did you do last night? Chen Yun looked at Feiyang in amazement and saw Feiyang wearing a whole set of black suit, white shirt and black shoes. If you wear a tie again, you will look like selling insurance. At this time, the suit has been pulled off and the shirt in your hand is a bit messy.
Chen Yun walked beside Feiyang and asked for a strong smell of alcohol. He hated deleting his eyes and frowned and asked, You drank until now last night.
Oh, I can’t socialize. Feiyang frowned with a slight hiccup and said with a smile.
Chen Yun took a deep breath and frowned and looked at Feiyang. At this time, he was covered in alcohol and took the western clothes in his hand. He went to the laundry room and took a bag to be sent to the building for dry cleaning.
And float in the sky didn’t refuse Chen Yundong. She took her suit and coat, and the whole person wobbled towards his bedroom, kicked off his slippers and lay in bed.
At this moment, Chen Yunduan opened the door with a cup of strong tea and put 夜生活网 it on the head of the bed. He said, It is best to take a bath and go to bed after drinking some strong tea for hangover. Then he walked out of the door without waiting for Feiyang to say anything.
Fly in the sky, pick your eyebrows and smile, hold yourself up and drink all the strong tea directly, then go to the bathroom and take a shower, and then come out of the bathroom and lie down on the bed wearing only a pair of shorts, and soon a slight snoring will be issued.
When Feiyang woke up again, it was already in the evening. Chen Yun was already in class next door. As soon as he got up, Feiyang felt his stomach growling. He found a suit from the cupboard under the bed and went to the kitchen to eat casually. After eating, he thought about it and called the pheasant, who was the punk who beat Feiyang and was received by Zhao Guanghai.
Brother Feiyang heard that you also joined the Green Wolf to help. Congratulations, how can I find a younger brother today? After all, I was excited and congratulated by the pheasant. Although I had an unpleasant experience before, at least the little girl who was a child helped him a lot. After that, if I have any difficulties, I believe that Brother Feiyang will not help me.
Pheasant, are you interested in coming to my side? Feiyang said with a smile.
Brother Feiyang, I didn’t hear you wrong, did I? The pheasant asked in amazement.
I mean, I’m short of hands here to let you bring your brothers to work for me. Will you do it? Feiyang affirmed that there is absolutely no problem with pheasant ears.
Do it, of course, boss. My brothers and I will go to you now. Pheasant was confirmed by Feiyang and said excitedly.
Wait a minute. I’m still at home. You should contact your brothers first. We’ll meet in the lover’s bar in Xuanzheng Street. Feiyang said a place and hung up.
Chapter 76 The water rushed the Longwang Temple
The pheasant was dancing with several of his younger brothers in the bar, and the pheasant just came to catch his breath and received the flying words.
Wait until Feiyang hangs up. The pheasant is still unbelievable and slaps himself hard. The bartender next to him is dumbfounded.
Brothers, stop jumping. We have something to do. Pheasant shouted at several brothers thinking about the field.
Pheasant brothers are having fun with a hot girl. Why don’t you let people jump? Some hands seem to be still wanting more, and some complain a little.
There’s a chance later, but it’s hopeless if it’s missed in this life. Brother Feiyang wants us to help him watch a game. What do you think? Pheasant asked his brothers for advice.
We can do it by watching a game. A brother of pheasant hand is a little unsure.
Why not? We can’t beat anyone, but what’s our status now? We’re green wolves. Even if others dare to beat us, we must weigh the green wolves behind us, right? Pheasant carefully analyzed the pros and cons of his own brothers and finally persuaded a few brothers and a group of people that some tattered van swung past towards the place where Feiyang said.
Feiyang finished his dinner, cleaned up the dishes and changed clothes, and was about to go out when he suddenly saw a small piece of paper on the coffee table in the living room. Feiyang walked over and picked up the note and met with the words Come back soon, I have something to talk to you.
Feiyang put the note in his pocket and changed his shoes out of the door.
I stopped a taxi and arrived at the lover’s bar. At this time, it was dark, and the street lights were on and the bar began to be lively. However, the lover’s bar was changed to a pub when Hu Mei checked in, so it was still quite quiet.
Flying into the pushed open the bar door and went in, but found no pheasant. They were thinking and saw pheasant. They were in a row with two policemen.
See float in the sky came in pheasant face with shame shouted boss
What’s the matter? I was shocked when I finished flying. I didn’t call them over to the lover’s bar. Why did I get caught inexplicably now? Did these small places commit something and were stared at by the police?
You are their boss. At this moment, a hot woman came to Feiyang and frowned and stared at Feiyang and asked, Have I seen you somewhere?
Feiyang carefully looked at the sight of a woman with short hair and beautiful skin color, slightly wheatcolored and round eyes, glaring at Feiyang, wearing a sports face and a pair of tight jeans, and looking at whether she was dressed up in a bar or not.
I don’t know if this lady is Feiyang but she has no impression of this woman, but before seeing her, she asked herself that she must be the victim of this incident, so she asked curiously, I don’t know what my brothers have done to make you so excited.
I’m a city INTERPOL brigade, and you brothers have received protection here, saying whether you ordered it. The woman began to explain softly that she suddenly wanted to have a surprise attack after a big drink.
Fly in the sky shall be frightened by this drink, but it is frightened by pheasant and his brothers. These brothers are really afraid to accept the protection here.
Officer, you are mistaken. I just called you guys to come to the bar to get together. How can you receive any protection? Feiyang blinked at the pheasant.
Yes, yes, we just came to have a drink with the boss. How can we receive any protection? Pheasants were really smart and quickly reacted to come over and deny things.
Hum, it’s quite fun. I was on the scene when they received protection. What do you say? See Feiyang, they still dare to justify. The policewoman couldn’t help but look at Feiyang them with anger.
This policewoman comrade is just your story. Do you want to call the bar owner out and let’s confront each other face to face? Feiyang said with a smile.
Well, since you said you wanted to confront me, I’ll call her out to confront you. The policewoman didn’t expect Feiyang to make this policy to detain her smile and went backstage to find Hu Mei.
After a while, the policewoman took Hu Mei to the bar lobby, pointed to the pheasants and said, Sister Mei, don’t you think they want your protection?